Alausas Lake (262 hectares) - Length 3.5 km, the maximum width 1.3 km., a maximum depth 16.2 m. You can catch nine species of fish at Alausas lake: pike, bream, roach, vendace, ropes, redeyes, beats, perch, and ruff.
There are 18 Lakes along Balninkaidistrict. Not far from Balninkai there are: Smėlinis, Makys, Gėlių, Pirseno. Siesartis river is flowing nearby.

Canoeing: You can rent canoes and swim in the adjacent areas, but we recommend Siesartis route! Siesartis (HolyRiver) is Highland’s "Ula". The river is rapid, has lots of turns. Full length of tracks - 69 km., Moletai and Ukmergedistricts, duration - 3-4 days, season: April to June, September to October. Average slope of Siesartis - 1.23 m / km. Obstacles: the former remains of dams, shoals, rocks, trees, heap. Siesartis is the 2nd of the complexity of routecategory indicators.

Basketball: Homestead is equipped with an excellent, paved basketball court.

Football: Homestead equipped with an amateur football field.

Billiards: at the homestead you can enjoy playing Russian billiard.

Boating: Homestead has three boats accommodating about 15 people, so you will always find free boat or you can swim in a large company.

Bocciathe ancient Greek game. It is a fun game which can enjoy 2 to.....players. Rules of the Game: the aim of the game is to throw a small ball “Jack”. The jack is thrown first; than each side takes turns to thrown the ball. After each side has thrown one ball, the side to throw next will be the side which does not have the closest ball to the jack ball, unless they have thrown all their balls, in which case the other side will throw next. The game can be playedthree to six players, because the game involves three different pairs of balls. At the end of each game, the judge will measure the distance between the balls and the Jack ball. The owner of the ball, standing closest to the “Jack”, gets 3 points, the team, who took 2nd place, gets 1 point. The game lasts until one player or team has collected 13 points. If you hit "Jack" or the opponent's ball, the points for that are not given or taken. The teamor playerwhich collected13 pointswins.

Kid's play: homestead has lot of games and other leisure measures. However the most exciting thing is to play chase, hide and seek, swimming, jumping and fishing from the rope, where even the new starters has their luck.

Winter sport: You can prepare Ice hockey pitch just next to the house, you can enjoy sleds or skies at any nearby slope or choose a professional skiing circuit "Kalita”. The route is located in Anyksciai (~ 30km): length of the skiing slopes - 250 meters, height difference - 40 meters. For the active recreation in the winter, there are a few different levels of complexity-country skiing trails with two lifts. Skiing trails are lighted at the dark time. There are skiing instructors to help for the kids and new-starters.You can rent the necessary skiing equipment, relax and enjoy a cup of tea at the outdoor café.

We offer a sauna to relax on the lake shore. Sauna can hold about 12 people. You can cut an ice hole in winter.

Ukmerge district. Glass Museum, the Museum of Partisan, Balninkai town, Dobele district mounds, Dobele town. Descriptions can be found under "Area".

Anyksciai district. Puntukas stone, Anyksciai town, Šeimyniškėliai (Voruta) mound, the Horse Museum, Anyksciai boscage, Anyksciai Regional Park. Descriptions can be found under "Area".

Moletai district. People's exposure to astronomy, observatory, museum of fishing lakes, Videniskiai, Baltadvaris, Moletai mounds, mills. Descriptions can be found under "Area

Mushrooms, berries. Area around the homestead is rich in forests, so you can pick mushrooms and berries as much as you want. We recommend Moletai and Anyksciai districts.

At The homestead you can relax from everyday’s life, a stressful day. You can enjoy the lake, nature, to see how children are playing, to swin, to tan or just to have fun.